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>.And you could take 12,913,982 more pictures/videos just like this one and
not see the same galaxy twice.




It's astonishing, is it not?  If ever I am tempted to accept that humanity
is the first intelligent species, I gaze at a few of these deep sky images
and I always come away saying, no there is just nooooo daaaaamn waaaay out
of alllll thoooose staaaars, life hasn't previously figured out a way to
become intelligent, somewhere and somewhen in all that space in all that
time.  Just no way!

If you look at those NASA deep sky images, one of the few examples of
government money which really returns something of real value, do keep
reminding yourself that this is a tiny patch of sky, and that there are
millions of other possible deep sky photos that could be made, even if most
of them have stars in the foreground.  

I will accept that intelligent life is exceedingly rare, with an average of
perhaps one civilization per galaxy or even one per super cluster, but there
are plenty of both in this big old universe, plenty.  We still haven't
discovered the right answer to Fermi's anomaly, but do not let us get
discouraged.  The answer is out there somewhere; we will figure it out




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