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>.The other thing to consider is whether there would be any advantages to be
gained in creating a binary star system somewhere along the line. A binary
system might have some interesting advantages over a single star system.
More mass without going supernova being just the start of the potential
list. Pick up stars that have a good long life ahead of them, leaving behind
stars that might be going supernova in the next billion years or so. Picture
running (albeit very slowly) away from an impending (in a billion years)
supernova... pretty interesting idea. Maybe the earth won't be swallowed by
our expanding sun when the time comes... maybe... -Kelly



Kelly your questions have spurred me to restart my efforts to finish that
MBrain book Robert Bradbury and I were working on several years ago.  This
discussion has spawned a few new ideas.  


Regarding our sun going red giant, we have time to haul the thing out to the
next star, drop off our favorite planet and some of the MBrain nodes, then
hurl the sun elsewhere, such that when it goes red at the end of Main
Street, there are few if any sentient beings to suffer.



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