[ExI] EUGENE!!!!!

Alan Grimes ALONZOTG at verizon.net
Sun Sep 8 03:59:39 UTC 2013

You are really being counter-productive this week, Eugene.

While we are in violent agreement about poly-ticks and, to some extent, 
about the state of our society, your continual repetition of the "All 
life is DOOOMED" crap is not helping the cause of transhumanism and I 
mean to call you out on that.

We need people to work towards transhumanism.

People need something to look forward to once the singularity arrives.

When you tell them that there will be nothing but seating jungle-ecology 
of nanites people like everyone will look at it and ask "What good is 
that?" What value could that possibly have? And they would be absolutely 

You are turning them off, Eugene.

You are telling them that transhumanism is irredeemably evil, Eugene.

I don't give a flying fuck whether the expansion front is inevitable. 
The present state of the universe seems to speak volumes about that. I 
care whether it will be created by human hands, Eugene. I care whether 
my efforts towards a better future for myself will be perverted into 
committing atrocity  on a universal scale, Eugene.

I actually want a better future FOR MYSELF, Eugene.

A copy is not good enough.

It has to be me.

It has to be in a body that is compatible with my aesthetic tastes.

I will accept no compromises except those dictated by the laws of 
physics, Eugene.

I will accept no vision, for myself, other than my own, Eugene.

You are getting in my way, Eugene.

You are dissuading people from contributing positively, Eugene.

Jeezus doGdammed mudderfugging christ, Eugene, have you, in the last 
five years, even uttered a scenario where this wildly diverse 
jungle-ecosystem of species of evolving nanites could even be survivable 
to even a human upload????

What will be the price, Eugene? What will remain, Eugene?

Every fucking day I fantasize about flying a million ton starship out to 
the edge of the universe for fame, fortune, glory, and most of all, 
adventure. Am I supposed to be happy that you, Eugene, advocate allowing 
a future to take place where there is nothing but the nanotech 
equivalent of bacterium snuffing out every star, and devouring every 

Your fatalism is driving me nuts, Eugene.

It's long past time that you re-thought your life, Eugene.

It's time for you to decide exactly what you WANT, Eugene.

It is time for you to decide what GOOD future you want for yourself, Eugene.

And it's time for you, Eugene, to get to work getting there instead of 
telling us how doomed we are once the nanites take over.



Powers are not rights.

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