[ExI] Global cooling: Arctic ice caps grows by 60% against global warming predictions | Mail Online

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Wed Sep 11 22:54:50 UTC 2013

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### Seriously, you believe in this story? Global warming? Even the eco-nuts
don't say "global warming" anymore, now it's "climate change"...Rafal

For the record, the first Atlantic hurricane of the season started today,
Humberto.  2013 ties the record in the satellite age (since 1960) for the
lastest first hurricane of the season.  I think we just missed it, with 2013
coming in second place behind 2002 for the latest first hurricane of the
season, but I don't know that for sure.  In 2002, the first hurricane also
came on 11 September, but I think it started later in the day than Humberto,
which started early in the day.  We might still be in the running for the
record for the latest second hurricane of the season, since Gabrielle is
weakening and is looking less likely to develop into a hurricane.

Of course it could be argued that fewer and later hurricanes are a climate
change.  Floridians will get that, because we always depended on Atlantic
hurricanes to bring in a lot of rain and replenish the ground water
supplies.  There are no mountains in Florida, so all the water comes from
the ground.  If there is no hurricanes, usually there is a drought.  So in
most of Florida, mild hurricanes are a good thing.

One of the factors keeping humanity stuck to the ground is our news agencies
make more money on bad news than good news.  They can find some loser in any
scenario, including climate staying the same.  Those who live in a lousy
climate place lose out in any global climate stays the same scenario.


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