[ExI] Silence in the sky-but why?

TwentFirstCentury Matters matters21stcentury at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 00:33:34 UTC 2013

Am being extreme in rejecting conceivable quasi-anthropic ETs, but want to think on the possibilities. 
If you've read the following sort of speculation too often, an apology is due to you in advance:
Symmetry wouldn't necessarily be present. 
Perhaps locomotion wouldn't be with our familiar modes of locomotion but 
rather with gas thrust and say flagellan motion. 
ETs might be unappetising (merely to touch on this) to us, 
they could perhaps internally recycle their own wastes;
ETs may be hideous albeit intelligent. 
Plus, wonder if a type of ET could be colonial rather than individual some may imagine 
(an intelligent version of Portuguese Man o' War comes to mind immediately). 
The majority of those I talk to on this appear to think-- if they think about it-- that if they were to land on a planet somewhere v. distant, they'd meet Jean Luc Picard or Luke Skywalker.. such is what I react to.
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