[ExI] FW: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good

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> Egypt is on a lifeline now and Saudi Arabia will be in the future. They
> are full of depreciating USD, food prices are skyrocketing (thank you
> Uncle helicopter Ben). Saudis are unable to produce anything, they have
> a 25% (at least) of their population formed by foreign laborers that
> will leave if they are not paid enough and have no love for Saudis.
> It is easy to stay retrograde and poor when someone is subsiding your
> lifestyle and prevent you from going from poor to starving. Then, when
> starving happen, people start to question everything and have little
> patience with everyone. It is then that revolutions happen and thing
> radically change forever.

I've heard interesting comparisons between Spain and Portugal and their
squandering of New World gold profits and Saudi Arabia and their oil
wealth... The take home point of these is that it is unlikely that Saudi
Arabia will have any political power in a hundred years.

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