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On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 1:58 PM, Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at libero.it> wrote:
>>... “In the next six months, homebuilders in California and the 
>> ...expensive-energy states will be going solar as a standard...
>>... Or just a way to keep low income minorities outside the town?

No.  Excluding low income people has nothing to do with race.  The race hustlers have sold that concept with appalling success.  I can assure you, everywhere I have ever lived, racial minorities are welcome, so long as they have and make a ton of money.  Poor people are welcome nowhere, utterly regardless of their race.

>...### Mirco, you hit the nail on the head - whenever you see a bureaucrat or a crony capitalist spouting green propaganda, there is some mean, nasty reason behind it. Keeping the wrong people out of town is one of them. Making a quick buck off the backs of the defenseless homeowners is another.  Rafal

As a possibly unrelated aside, consider the case of a local neighborhood that was built in the late 1970s, when energy-conservation subsidies were plentiful.  Then, as now, rooftop solar water heating makes more sense than rooftop solar power generation, even if natural gas is available, so the local builder put up those water heaters on all the houses in an enormous tract shack development and collected the available subsidies for doing so.  Granted the Silicon Valley is in many ways an oddball special case, where the land the house sits on is far and away more valuable than the structure.  In that case, rooftop solar and water heating makes perfect sense, however...

Rooftop solar requires a heated water storage tank, which must be indoors, or at least inside the garage.  Reasoning:  we use hot water in the morning, when we shower.  The hot water usage at any other time is negligible compared to that surge in hot water use.  To take advantage of solar water heating, a tank is needed to store the water heated during the day, to feed the gas water heater in the morning.  This tank takes up a lot of garage space, and since indoor space is very expensive, most of the homeowners removed the storage tank as soon as they moved into the new house, decommissioning those expensive rooftop solar water heaters.

I have a friend who lives in that neighborhood.  He has asked a number of neighbors, and has found not one who still has rooftop solar water heating, even though it is still to this day the low hanging fruit as far as energy use of rooftop space.  Again citing the oddball case of the Silicon Valley, anyone who lives down here and can afford the outrageous crazy high real estate prices or rent will never notice a few dollars worth of savings on the utility bills.

Back to Rafal's original point, the mean, nasty motive of keeping minorities out of certain neighborhoods.  I do disagree.  If people have and make a lot of money, they are automatically good neighbors full stop.  They can be any color, black, white, green, purple or chartreuse, no problem, we will not even notice or care.  If you have money, you are welcome here and everywhere.  No money, not welcome anywhere.

As a parting shot, we in the Silicon Valley are seeing more and more cases where the neighbor isn't even human, it is money.  Chinese businessmen are storing wealth outside China, which is technically still communist.  A good way to do that is to buy a home in California, specifically Silicon Valley where a lot of money can be stored in the form of a piece of ground with any flimsy excuse for a house sitting on it.  I can show you examples of local homes which have been purchased, curtains installed, the lawn meticulously maintained by the local illegal Mexican population, a car sitting in the driveway, but no one has lived in the home since it was purchased, which may have been years ago.  No one lives there, but anyone can look up the owner, clearly a Chinese person who has never been seen.  Neighborhoods around here are gradually getting more sparsely populated as the Chinese quietly buy up local real estate.  Their money is most welcome here, for they pay local taxes without running up any bills for municipal services.  If the Chinese commies decide to crack down on capitalism, the homeowner will likely flee to here, and will be welcomed with open arms.


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