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>>>> Things you do not find in politicians.
>>> Perhaps because the Political arena is dominated by Lawyers.
>> Not only what you say:
>> the selection process reward crooks.>

> A redesign of governance is long overdue. 

I think the core problem is there's no _exit_ option -- or no such option that's broadly available. Sure, if you're very wealthy or willing to flee a given area, then you have some exit option -- a very high cost one that few can afford or even will use.* But the rest of the people don't have any practical option to opt out. (Surely, people can band together or even revolt, but imagine if that were the main option available in other aspects of life, such as what products are available at a supermarket. How often would these change? Only once a critical mass of people demanded change in a sort of episodic fashion perhaps once or twice a generation. Heck, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation because we'd still be waiting for that critical mass with computers and the Internet.:)

Also,I think it's not the type of people in politics or even their selection process. It's that it's a monopoly based on theft and force. I don't know how otherwise bright and reasonable people would expect a basically criminal organization to produce just outcomes as a matter of routine. The surprise is rather that governments everywhere aren't even more voracious and arbitrary.


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* And one might add, there are some pretty high barriers even in the States to using this option. Plus, it almost invariably means, for those who don't want to become permanent travelers or live on the lamb, being hassled by some other government. This isn't like, say, eating out at a restaurant. I might choose to not eat out at all and the restaurant owners don't band together to stop me. (No praise to them or any business. I think if they could force me to dine out, many of them would love this. It's just that we happen to live in a culture that, thankfully, hasn't yet discovered and embraced this means of restauranteurs enriching themselves. Not so with government and other mandatory policies.)

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