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On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 7:14 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> OK creative thinkers, here’s a game for you: think of fun snappy ways to
> advertise robo-burgers.  I have an idea: have about four guys about 30 yrs
> old, eating robo-burgers, as a Prius drives by.  Next scene, the same guys
> with stage makeup aging them all about 50 years, sitting there reminiscing
> about their first robo-burger back in ’13, as kids go by on
> Back-to-the-Future style levitating boards.
> One of the now-old guys says “Rufus, these burgers are as good as they
> always was back in ‘13, but I just don’t know about this here latest
> gadgetry.”  A mechanical arm comes out of the table with a roboburger and
> crams it in his face.  Then another arm with a shake comes up and pours it
> over his head.  A pause as the shake drips down.  A French fry shoots up at
> him from the table.  Another guys says “They shoulda just kept like it was
> back in them good old days…”
Show the line at a typical fast food place near a corporate center during
lunchtime.  Everyone knows you get 40 minutes waiting in a queue to get
food you spend 10 minutes consuming.  Then show a walk-up & no-wait
roboburger dispensed with a click on a smartphone app.  The stupid ones can
stand in their line watching the smart one take advantage of the better
way.  After the first line-jumper, roll up a truck with more
roboburgermakers to keep everyone happy.
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