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I like the idea of the Thorium reactors. Didn't know such a thing existed
but now I'm interested. I believe it doesn't necessarily has to be solar
energy what marks the next phase of human development but rather any tech
that can get the job done and has less negative impact than fossil fuels is

But we should also keep working on solar and seeking other alternatives,
with the rate of development of technology it may become profitable one of
these days too.


>Because economy is about the seen and the unseen.
I would also say "the glamorous" and the "unglamorous".

Policymakers, more than people, are all interested in the "seen", what
is "glamorous", "cool" and useful for their career.

​Which is why changing our culture it's important. We can't have people
caring only about the glamurous, cool and useful making decisions that
affect everyone of us.

Because if a culture can be imposed from the top to the bottom, by fiat
of a cadre of leaders, today will be conservation, tomorrow will be mass
slaughter of unbelievers. If YOU can do the former YOU can do the
latter. And if YOU can do it, then others also can do it.

Don't take me wrong but that's a pretty dumb argument. We're rational
people and there are laws and societies built so that certain limits aren't
crossed. Proof of that is that our societies these days are somewhat
functional and we aren't going around with a club imposing our will on

I like to think we're better than those fanatic nutjobs that protest

But agree with you that it must be self sustainable, but we have to start
somewhere. Both in developing the technology and ​helping people understand
how their actions impact the environment.

The differences is my patients damage mainly themselves with their
obsession and marginally others. These people damage mainly others and
marginally themselves. But it is always someone else fault things do not
work as they would like.

I don't see what your patients have to do with it. Policies have to be
discussed obviously, and as I wrote above we can't have self interest
taking the central role in discussions or let our leaders decide based on


*"Nuestras aspiraciones son nuestras posibilidades" - Robert Browning*
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