[ExI] Existential hysteria:

Angel Arturo Ramirez Suárez angelarturo911216.1991 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 18:46:10 UTC 2014

>My opinion is different:
we need to help people, better if the right people, to understand
because a better environment is good for them. If they buy the idea,
they will, by themselves, act to obtain a better (for themselves)
environment. They will be willing to pay more than their fair share to
obtain their goals. But more people join, more they will be able to
obtain reducing the cost of obtaining it at the same time.
It start will the wealthy and then go down to the less wealthy.

​Which is exactly the same thing I'm talking about.​

​>​Thinking there is the need of leaders to decide for us and others was
imprinted on you and you probably didn't even think about it rationally
because you just take the idea as given; an axiom, not a theorem.

It's true that leadership and the structured society we live in is most
probably an artificial construct. But we have it because it works. You're
assuming everyone is interested and wants to change and what's better for
the environment, which is not always the case. Even less so when ignorance
gets in the way, hence the need for a cultural change and if necessary,
leaders to step in during the transitional change.

The most optimist ideal I think is a descentralized society where everyone
participates and wants to work towards the goal of a better future for
everyone, but reality is different. If we don't work considering all
aspects we have then we really work under a delusion and are no different
from the patients you talk about.

>Ja, we can do them all.  We need to plant nukes as fast as we can get them
in the ground, but during that process we will be burning coal and oil.
 There are some parts of the globe were solar is better than nuclear, such
as the Sahara.  Plenty of sun, cloudless skies and open land there and
plenty of reasons to not put nuclear plants.  I can see nukes being a big
player in our energy future, but not the only player.



*"Nuestras aspiraciones son nuestras posibilidades" - Robert Browning*
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