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> > Hollyweird had a wonderful opportunity here, with this historical
narrative. They can take the actual truth, a most compelling story, where
the enigma machine was cracked by mathematical technology, use the actual
facts, no real embellishment.  They get a gay character for free, no need
to write one
in with the often-clumsy way moviemakers do

Yes but I hope the moviemakers realize that the most interesting thing
about Turing wasn't that he was gay, lots of people are gay, it's that he
was a genius, and lots of people aren't geniuses .

> I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the moviemakers did an
> excellent job of translating that terrific book [Enders Game] into video

I agree the moviemakers did a very good job with Enders Game, but they were
punished for their excellent work, the movie was not a box office success.
They'll never do that again.

>even fixing some of Card's most vexing problems.  (Sorry Mr. Card, they
> did.  It was one of those very rare cases when an excellent book spawned an
> even better movie.)

There were a few times in the weightless war room were it seemed to me that
Mr. Card might have been a little confused as to the difference between
weight and mass, Is that what you were referring to? Of course the physics
of the Ansible is also impossible but that's different; I think it was
Isaac Asimov who said that it's OK for a SF writer to violate the laws of
physics, but he must be aware that he's doing so.

  John K Clark
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