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On Thursday, August 07, 2014 1:33 PM, Kelly Anderson wrote,
> But the fact that he was gay will undoubtedly play a major roll in the movie. It
> is a keystone to the Hollywood agenda, so it's unavoidable.

I don't know how they can leave out such an important part of the story.

Turing was only 40 years old and still working on secret cryptography for the British government when he was arrested for being gay.  (A police officer investigating a burglary at Turing's home noticed his relationship.)

The heroic and genius accomplishments that everybody wants to see highlighted in the movie should have continued for several more decades and assisted in future wars.  But instead, the government that he helped in defeating the Nazis decided that *Turing* was the security threat and that to protect our way of life, *he* should be barred from any further work on government encryption programs.  He was dead of an apparent suicide two years later.

I don't know how we can tell this heroic story of Turing's career in government encryption without mentioning how it came to an end.  I don't know how we celebrate this man's tremendous life giving to the British government and the Allies in fighting the Nazis without mentioning how they repaid him and treated him in return, resulting in his death.  These seem to be two sides of the same story.  Telling only one side would be telling only half the story.

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