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On Tue, Aug 05, 2014 at 02:09:40PM -0700, spike wrote:
> But it does leave a number of questions such as: Why do we assume
> the masses are unwashed?  What if the masses wash regularly?  How
> does one differentiate oneself?  By not washing?  Similar questions
> arise with faceless masses, for as one approaches a crowd of such,
> one sees that every single one of them have a face, and likely are
> washed.  So now does one need to lose face in order to escape being
> one of them?

Yes I realize that you are right and in the mob there are quite a lot
of sentient beings. But this realization doesn't make the mob more

> Consider also that I made the same cynical comments as in the first
> paragraph when I heard a movie was being made of Card's Enders Game.
> I went

Thanks for a hint. I will remember about it. I must admit, however,
that after watching too many BS-sf I've decided I'd rather wait until
my cable transmits all the new hits - when they do, they are not so
new but I don't think I have ever thought to myself "hey I wish I
bought that ticket five years ago" - not even once during last 20
years, I'm afraid.

I have bought some dvds *after* I watched them on the cable and
decided they are worth it really. But overally, the money spent on a
book is invested while the money spent on a movie is... spent.

Some of the stuff I didn't bother to buy was quite well made but I
could live without it, so no problem. Some, like this BS about
biorobot failing in love with violent purple lass on some forbidden
planet was a waste of time, even made me a bit angry because I don't
like being duped.

> So please, I beg them, just tell the actual story.  The beautiful
> Keira Knightley is a gift, a bonus.  The actual historic truth is
> all this compelling story needs.  Please, please don't screw up
> this, oh Hollyweird producers, I beseech the hell outta thee, don't
> do it; just tell the truth, tell it.  We will buy it, and we will
> love it.

Huh? It is all too easy to claim things like "homo sap-sap is
suspiciously happy to run away from reality whenever she can". But
that's not true, because to run away from reality one has to notice
its existence first and care enough.

So those demands of yours are cruelist and demandistic. It took us
only 2 million years to go from cooking on Earth to cooking on the
Moon. Sure, we could have done it 10 times faster but nobody is
complaining (except for some never happy complainistic
naisayerists). And in mere 10 million years we will be invading
neighbouring star systems, like overgrown bacterial colony, doubling
size every n years. Or some kind of cancerous tissue mixed up with
fiberglass and cell phones, ignoring anything that has not been
generated inside it. There is no need to keep one's eyes open, quite
the opposite, closing them will make us there faster, maybe only 9
million years will be enough.

So Spike, please don't be cruel demandist. I really don't understand
what's the big deal about finding joys in analysing what is really
"out there" - as opposed to distorting it in our heads to make us more
lazy and stupid. But oh so much happier.

In case of doubt, learn from the cows. Are they not happy?

Tomasz Rola

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