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>Ever read Antonio Damasio's "Descartes' Error"? The neuroscience consensus
is that the emotion systems are essential for correct functioning -
including for "purely" cognitive tasks. One key reason is that they provide
a value evaluation for states: if you have to *think* about why losing your
job or spending hours repeating the same mental operation is bad, your
functioning will be impaired.?
It would sometimes be nice to be able to turn off boredom. But there better
be a timer for that feature, or you will find yourself doing taxes forever.?

Haven't read it but will along with the AI book you recommended, thanks for
the suggestion as those seem to be very complete materials. But how about
dealing with the lack of emotions in the same way the AI field is
developing?​ For example the eternal task loop could be solved by setting
interrupts in the brain so that if a certain activity kept giving the same
results with no signs of improvement, a signal was sent for the brain to
break the task and start analysis anew. Or instead of time a more
qualitative variable such as "results" could be issued.
In a more hybrid system a greater level of control over our emotional
processes could also result in an application of ​fuzzy rules so that if a
certain "anger" treshold was reached (based on certain chemicals or
synapses) a safeguard took over.
It would become very beneficial for humans, not only computers or robots.​

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*"Nuestras aspiraciones son nuestras posibilidades" - Robert Browning*
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