[ExI] Diminishing influence of increasing carbon dioxide on temperature

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> Explain Venus, pleas

Explain high temperatures in deep holes/coal mines on Earth! It is easy, it
is volcanism.

Tick rocks are a good insulator.

As a tick layer of CO2 is.

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> >...Now, if the real problem is increasing water vapor, what should we do?
> Reduce Carbon emissions?  Mirco
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> I can imagine market pressure on agro-biz to reduce water cannon use for
> irrigation.  It wouldn't even be to reduce global warming so much as it is
> that water is too valuable to hurl into the air so that some of it
> evaporates.  It's also energy inefficient to do it that way.  Irrigating
> with more water and energy efficiency costs more up front but pays in the
> long run.
> spike
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