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 a police state where merely leaving the house with the wrong expression on
your face could send you to prison or killed by militarized police.

​Around here (Mississippi) you can get shot just by being unarmed and
unthreatening but mentally ill.  Whatever they are using to screen
potential police men and women are not doing the job.  We do not need
warriors and with a shoot 'em up mentality.  We need people who are
friendly, do not reflexively get angry when dissed or threatened.  Black
culture demands that black people not be nice to police.  They are going to
back talk and the police need to know that and that they should not respond
in kind.

I have read studies where police are extremely likely to use very excessive
force if there is a chase, particularly a long one where the police get
angrier and angrier.

So what we need are emotionally stable people who can keep their heads
under stress.  Wee need police that are not into being a controller of

But it seems that they will take anyone who can pass their military type

Interesting to note:  the group mostly likely to enter a mental institution
(as a percentage of their group) are psychiatric attendants and
psychiatrists.  Again, poor selection of people for the job.

What is the likelihood of police becoming criminals?  Higher than you would
expect.  Again - wrong types are being hired.​
​  In  cases way too much similarity between the mentally ill, criminals or
people thought to be so​
​, and the police.

Now you are going to expect me to say that we need to raise salaries so as
to attract a better class of person to the job - and I will not disappoint
​  You pay for what you get, as in everything else.

bill w​

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