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 Whatever they are using to screen potential police men and women are not doing the job.
 I think the problem is more due to the salary that police work pays and the type of person who's attracted to that work at low pay.
In The Economist's coverage of the current US trouble they point out that police in the US kill people at a rate about a hundred times above places in Europe like Germany (and Japanese police has killed one person in six years!) But this is likely not because they are *bad*, but because they are very nervous - there are a lot of guns around, so it is rational for the police to use a lot of force if there is even a slight chance of danger. Which of course causes plenty of collateral and false positive damage.
While I think we can reduce police violence significantly by having them wear cameras (look at http://www.policefoundation.org/sites/g/files/g798246/f/201303/The%20Effect%20of%20Body-Worn%20Cameras%20on%20Police%20Use-of-Force.pdf and current UK experiments) it doesn't solve the above jitteriness problem.

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