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On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 2:44 PM, William Flynn Wallace
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> Robots do all the work necessary for producing food, clothes, everything.
> People program them, do scientific research, learn languages, play
> instruments, invent dances, study history, watch old movies (not the
> violent ones).

If people are genetically "perfected" to the point you visualize, they
won't be interested in old movies whether they are violent or not. They
won't be able to conceptualize jealousy, and thus be unable to comprehend
the motivations of the characters. Would you enjoy watching a movie about
Chimpanzee family life?

>I am assuming that AI doesn't get to the point where real creativity is
>so humans have to do it.  There is a lot more, like antigravity,
>(storing recycling stuff on the Moon).

AI like you see in the movies will be a reality fairly soon. Read some of
Michio Kaku's work on antigravity and teleportation for a reality check.

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