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I will not insult your intelligence with that test, which in any case I do
not remember.  All answers were easily obtained through simple Venn diagrams
and were of the If All As are Bs and some Bs are......., with multiple
choice answers.  I do not remember learning Venn diagrams in school but hope
they are taught nowadays in some class or other.  bill




Hi Bill, I don't know if Venn diagrams are taught in school, but I
introduced my son to the technique when he was in the first grade, about a
year ago.  Powerful tools are these.


Regarding puzzles, the way a question is asked has a great deal of influence
on how the students score.  I have those Mensa calendars on my desk, a
puzzle a day.  I have had those for years.  There is definitely a way of
asking questions in which one gets way better with practice.



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