[ExI] blue screen = hard disk crash?

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> Here’s where I would go with the comparisons: both Bush and Obama expanded
> executive branch powers.  This makes me nervous since the 16 amendment is
> written in such a way as to be very open-ended.  The constitution was
> carefully designed with checks and balances on government power in place,
> but the IRS is an example of a bureaucracy not bound by the rules and
> regulations which apply to criminal cases.  For instance, if you are
> arrested, you are presumed innocent.  The IRS does not presume you
> innocent.  If they come after you, it is your job to prove your innocence,
> rather than their job to prove your guilt.  They get to decide if your
> evidence is sufficient to prove your innocence.  They are both the
> prosecutor and the judge.  Good luck.
Clearly the system the founders designed is broken. It was a good effort,
but I don't think what they tried to achieve is possible. At least we've
identified one more way not to achieve it.

>  Next, consider the EPA, the CIA, the NSA, and fill in the blank with as
> much alphabet soup as you want.  The NSA doesn’t bother with all those
> messy constitutional restrictions on their power.  (Hi NSA guy reading our
> email!)  These bureaucracies form a shadow government which has a lot more
> power in some important ways than the actual government, and it all answers
> to the executive branch.
Does it? J. Edgar had enough dirt on everyone that he didn't really have to
answer to anyone. You think the spooks don't have even more dirt on Obama?

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