[ExI] blue screen = hard disk crash?

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Ja!  I don’t understand why the progressive groups aren’t looking for some scalps.  This is an opportunity for left, right, and up-wings to join hands and fight against the down-wing forces of evil.  The IRS still hasn’t apologized for targeting progressive groups.  That should really steam the left.

>From the article:

“…The manufactured IRS scandal has already been largely debunked, but this should be the final nail in its coffin. Cheers…”

Now all we need to know is who manufactured the video that appears to be Lois Lerner pleading the fifth, when she wasn’t even under indictment.  What felony is she trying to cover and why did she lie right up front by saying she did nothing illegal?  If she did nothing illegal, why did she plead the fifth?






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