[ExI] How will air travel work in a green solar economy?

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Wed Jul 9 19:46:29 UTC 2014

Il 09/07/2014 21:09, Mark Walker ha scritto:
> I'm not sure pessimism about solar's potential is the right conclusion
> from John's back-of-the-envelop calculations. New Mexico
> is 121,593 square miles, which means that it should be sufficient to
> keep 40k planes in the air. Estimates of the number of planes in the air
> at anyone time world wide are in the neighborhood of 10 to 20K. So,
> covering half of New Mexico should about write the check. And of course,
> most of these planes are much smaller than a 747.

How much would it cost to keep all this surface clean from dust and bird 

I continue to prefer nuclear (fission, fusion, LENR, uranium, plutonium, 
thorium, whatever...) over solar.

Just I like to have the power and vast desolate places where to walk 
alone sometimes.


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