[ExI] Bringing the dead back to life

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 14:22:16 UTC 2014

"When you are at 10C, with no brain activity, no heartbeat, no blood -
everyone would agree that you're dead," says Peter Rhee at the
University of Arizona, Tucson. "But we can still bring you back."


The procedure, so far tested on animals, is about as radical as any
medical procedure comes: it involves draining the body of its blood
and cooling it more than 20C below normal body temperature.Once the
injury is fixed, blood is pumped once again through the veins, and the
body is slowly warmed back up. "As the blood is pumped in, the body
turns pink right away," says Rhee. At a certain temperature, the heart
flickers into life of its own accord. "It's quite curious, at 30C the
heart will beat once, as if out of nowhere, then again - then as it
gets even warmer it picks up all by itself."

"It's the most amazing thing to witness - when the heartbeat comes
back," says Rhee.


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