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​>>…We need to dig it all up, now.  If not now, then never.  We can still save ourselves from utter tyranny, but this might very well be our last chance, while we are enjoying  the most transparent administration in history, without a smidgen of corruption.  The commander in chief himself assured us of these things, so it must be true, period.  spike​


​>…I am not as pessimistic as you are, since I think these sorts of things have always gone on.  (Look at the horrors of the FBI under Hoover.) 


Exactly.  If we don’t dig out this corruption now, we could have something a lot like Hoover’s FBI, only worse this time.  The political pendulum is about to swing hard, but I don’t think the other guys are any more honest or transparent or less power-lustful than the current ones; if anything less so.  What makes it worse is that they are coming in with a pile of dangerous precedents.  


For instance, if we establish that the IRS and the other bureaucracies can go after whoever they want based on any whim, what happens if the party currently out of the majority gets all three seats of power?  What if the tail end of the current POTUS’s term becomes a total catastrophe and the current senate minority party gets not only all three seats of power but a supermajority in the senate?  They come in with all the bad precedents handed to them from their predecessors.  I can so easily see that being brutally abused.  


Power corrupts both ends of the political spectrum along with everything in the middle and all the edges.  It isn’t the philosophy that corrupts, it’s the power.

>…That said, I support any Congressional panel to dig out the truth​

​ re any of the things we are discussing.  bill w​


Hope so BillW.




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