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On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 6:53 PM, spike wrote:
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>>... We need to dig it all up, now.  If not now, then never.  We can still 
> save ourselves from utter tyranny, but this might very well be our 
> last chance, while we are enjoying  the most transparent 
> administration in history, without a smidgen of corruption...

>...Is Japan lying to their population about radioactive contamination?
(Because it is too bad to fix and it won't become apparent for 30 years or

Fortunately that is one which can be measured and verified independently.
Anyone with scientific sophistication and a radiation detector can figure
out the dose the locals are getting, then find in the open literature what
are the likely effects.

>...Is the US supporting chemical corporations while bees and birds are
being killed by neonicotinoids?  (Again it will be many years before the
food chain collapses)...

Oy vey, ja.  Just this morning I saw 8 dead bees right together in a 10
meter radius, but these did not perish from exposure: it was 25C last night.
That's the second largest cluster of dead bees I have seen, and the other
was explainable with the neonic model: they got lost and perished of
exposure on a cold night.  These 8 didn't die of that.

>...Is the US militarizing the police in preparation for civil war?
(Because the food chain and financial system may collapse)... BillK

BillK, google on US military, zombies.  There are apparently all these
scenarios the DoD has been studying which include this zombie concept, but
they aren't talking about the living dead and haven't taken up superstition.
Military leaders are charged with being prepared.  One set of scenarios
include hordes of starving sick people, wandering about looking for food.
If you are the military, what do you do?  Well, what then?  Hell if I know.

Stockpile food and weapons?  Sure, then your own little neighbor girl comes
crying at your door, then what in the goddam hell are you going to do, shoot
her?  No.  You would sooner shoot yourself and let the neighbor kids eat

We had a good life, we overspent, we spent their future, it's our fault if
tragedy and collapse hits us.  It was our generation which created all this
debt, and kept piling it on long after it became clear what we were doing.
We saw that coal and oil had to decline; we know it's finite, even if large.
We know what has to happen somehow.  If we see what needs to happen and fail
to get it done, it's our fault, not theirs.

Oy vey, that's the most grim post I have ever written.  My apologies please.


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