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> That said, I support any Congressional panel to dig out the truth​
>> ​ re any of the things we are discussing.  bill w​
> ### I don't. Why bother? The problem is not a few leftoids infesting DC.
> There is a structural problem that won't be solved by investigations.
> The fifth estate does not act under a feedback loop. While your grocery is
> on the tightest leash possible (daily easy exit by individual informed
> customers), your senator is under a much weaker and distorted feedback loop
> (occasional votes), the deep government is essentially under nobody's
> control. You can't threaten them physically (strongest feedback known),
> refuse them your cooperation/money (second strongest loop), you can't run
> away, all you can is to use your 1/100 000 000 voice to influencing
> somebody else (the 0.01% of the government that you can contribute to
> electing) and hope that 0.01% you have under a weak feedback loop would
> control the remaining 99.99%.
> It's a pipe dream.
> The only solution is term limits for every single government employee,
> from the janitors up. Ten years and you are out. No exceptions, not for
> rank and file penpushers, not for middle management, not for scientists,
> not for generals, not for anyone. That's the only long-term way to prevent
> the accumulation of hypocritical, status-obsessed scum in the corridors of
> power. They say "Power corrupts"? Well, let's protect innocent people from
> corruption by making sure they don't have power long enough to soil their
> precious little souls.
> And while we are at it, let's take away their civil rights while employed
> there - no right to vote during and for 10 years after leaving government
> employment (same for anybody receiving welfare, of course).
> And let's have an IQ test as a civil service entrance exam.
> Of course, this won't happen. Some problems, seemingly under human
> control, actually don't have solutions.
> Rafal

​Talk about pipe dreams!  Some of what you suggest takes a Constitutional
amendment - nearly impossible.  Slightly less improbably:  try to get a new
congressman to vow to limit his terms, say two for a Senator and five for a
Representative.  It's got to start somewhere.

I have no idea what it would take to change Civil Service rules.  Anybody?

bill w​

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