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>>.English is tied to perhaps the greatest leapfrog technology ever, the


>.An Indian politician claimed that by providing English lessons + free
internet access to Madrassas decreased terrorism. Students who learned
Arabic as a second language accessed a huge literature of hate, whereas
students who learned English accessed a huge literature of tolerance.  Tara



I have listened to a number of people who have done missions for religions,
especially in less developed parts of the world.  In 30 or more years of
listening carefully to their experiences abroad, there is one comment more
common than any of the others: they often got the feeling the people really
didn't give a shit about the religion they were trying to sell, but were
intensely interested in learning English.  Those who mastered English from
the missionaries bought themselves a ticket to a better life, away
somewhere, anywhere.  This effect tended to brain-drain those backward
places, by leaving behind the less able to master the language and those
less willing to take a risk.  I have known plenty of people who came out of
less developed areas, but I don't know of any who returned.











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