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BillW sent me his puzzler before he posted it to the main list.  This is what I came up with: 

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You said you liked puzzles, so I created one out of an old question:

Take a glass and fill it to the halfway mark.  Is it half full or half empty, is the usual question.

My question:  in what circumstance (s) may it be regarded as full?  bill w


1)      The glass is to be used in an environment in which filling the glass higher would result in spillage, such as in a taxi or aboard ships

2)      The glass is cracked and the crack reaches halfway down the side

3)      The glass contains a fizzy substance which ejects tiny globules of liquid as does cola when you tap it into a glass, whereby the high freeboard stops the fizzy bits to an acceptable level

4)      The user of the glass has shaky hands

5)      The glass is sufficiently delicate that the materials limits of the glass are reached with the vessel half full

6)      The glass is to be placed in a holder such that its base is tilted (perhaps for fashion or some other unknown reasons)

7)      The glass is used to trap flies, which are unable to fly or climb very far up the side of a glass after sipping the beer therein (half full prevents wasting good beer.)

8)      The liquid in the glass is being used as an optical filter, so it must have a determined thickness of liquid

9)      The glass and liquid are being used as a specified counterweight

10)   The glass and liquid are being used as a means of measuring time (by determining how long it takes for the liquid to evaporate)

11)   The glass and liquid are set on a balance beam which tilts as the liquid evaporates, and triggers a fire a few days later after the perp has a chance to escape

12)   The glass and liquid are being used as a means of estimating humidity

13)   The glass is half filled with a solution which one wants to evaporate away to get the crystalized solute

14)   The glass is shaped in a tall and narrow configuration such that half filling it lowers its CG and reduces the risk of its turning over

15)   The glass is to contain a very hot liquid, such that the greater freeboard above the liquid surface allows the user to handle it with bare hands

16)   The glass contains a dense liquid such as trichloroethane, such that the higher freeboard contains the small amount which vaporizes and recondenses

17)   The glass contains a solution of radioactive salts, such as plutonium chloride in sulfuric acid, such that any level higher than half approaches a critical mass

18)   The glass is half filled with nitroglycerine (half a glass is all you need to blast this place to hell)

19)   The bartender is trying to make a little more profit

20)   The bar patron is a lousy tipper

21)  The glass is being used as a visual aid, such as for an ad campaign

22)  The glass is being used at an employment interview to separate the pessimists from the optimists by asking them if the glass is half full or half empty

23)  The glass is being used to identify psychopaths who start talking about the glass being full of nitro and being sufficient to blast the joint to hell

24) The glass is being used in a sociological experiment, which never has anything to do with the question being asked, but is rather studying if the test subject will lean forward and flash boobs at the experimenter, for instance

25)  The glass is being used as a visual aid to see how creative is the test subject in coming up with ways the glass is full

26) The glass is being used to make music by stroking the rim, where the liquid level determines the pitch thus created

27) The glass is being used to study how a measured amount of alcohol will encourage a test subject to offer a boob flash for instance







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