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On Jul 19, 2014 8:36 PM, "David Lubkin" <lubkin at unreasonable.com> wrote:
> Israel and the United States have an interest in preventing tunnels in. Prisons and prison nations, like North Korea or the old East Germany, have an interest in preventing tunnels out.


The whole notion of a tunnel is a gift to Israel.  The Presbyterians surrounding Israel fire cheap unguided rockets by the dozens into Israel who respond by firing expensive high-tech guided missiles to take out their cheap missiles.  (Remember all that debate we had here about THAAD?  Where are the nay-sayers now that they are saving lives?)  In the long run, the Episcopalians win that battle, even if no one perishes: they spend millions attacking, Israel spends billions defending.

A tunnel is an example of a technology that is high investment on the part of the attacker, but relatively easily defeated.  The construction would be detected acoustically, then the defender waits for the tunnel to be completed (and the construction efforts invested) then as the attackers emerge, detected by IR signature before they can do any damage, the defender fires the usual weapons, then subsequently floods the tunnel with low-cost flammable liquid, such as good old Diesel fuel.  They could carry down the tunnel drums of fuel on low-cost RC or autonomous vehicles, pierce the drums, ignite and let them go.  The Israelis spend millions to defeat millions.  They win in that battle.




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