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On Sunday, July 20, 2014 11:54 AM, BillK wrote,
>> By coincidence, an article by Thomas Frey has just appeared - "When 
> Everyone Becomes Blackmailable"

>...This is more than a possibility.  This is already happening.

>...The NSA gives potential employees polygraphs demanding to know their
embarrassing sexual secrets so they can be coerced later if necessary:

>...The NSA captures internet porn traffic to discredit people later if

>...Previous whistleblowers have already claimed such blackmail:

>...Harvey Newstrom   www.HarveyNewstrom.com


Harvey this is the kind of power that is intoxicating to any bureaucrat.  If
they know everyone's secrets, every google search everyone ever made, every
website everyone ever viewed, that NSA agent has power far beyond anything
seen in government to date.  Forget the threat of an IRS audit or an EPA
raid.  Any subtle threat to reveal all ones secrets will keep the masses in
line.  How could such power ever go without being abused?

They could store all that stuff forever.  They have the means and the
motive: complete control of the population.  We have seen with the IRS case
and the FEC case that bureaucrats have their own political agendas
completely apart from any orders from above, and they use the power they are
given to promote those views.  That sets a precedent for the next
administration.  Does anyone here think the right wing incomers are going to
be any less corrupt and power hungry than the outgoing left wingers?  

Power corrupts equally.  It's the power that corrupts, not the philosophy.


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