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Il 21/07/2014 17:57, John Clark ha scritto:
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>     I would say most Christians try to follow the Bible:

> So do Christians stone to death their neighbor if they notice that
> they're working on the Sabbath as the Bible commands them to do?

Not without a trial.
And this is the greater penalty possible, not the minimum allowed.

"There is some question as to whether the death penalty was invariably 
or even usually implemented in ancient Israel, or whether this was even 
the intention of the Tanakh (c.f. Numbers 35:31). "It must be noted that 
the death penalty might also indicate the seriousness of the crime 
without calling for the actual implementation of it in every case. In 
fact, there is little evidence that many of these sanctions were ever 
actually carried out in ancient Israel. Only in the case of premeditated 
murder was there the added stricture of 'Do not accept a ransom for the 
life of the murderer who deserves to die' (Num 35:31). . . . Traditional 
wisdom, both in the Jewish and Christian communities, interpreted this 
verse in Numbers 35:31 to mean that out of the almost twenty cases 
calling for capital punishment in the Old Testament, every one of them 
could have the sanction commuted by an appropriate substitute of money 
or anything that showed the seriousness of the crime, but in the case of 
what we today call first-degree murder, there was never to be offered or 
accepted any substitute or bargaining of any kind: the offender had to 
pay with his or her life".[26] It is also of note that the Bible 
required at least two or three witnesses to convict someone of a crime, 
so executions would be rare under such a strict requirement. [27]"

> Do
> Christians murder their children if they talk back to them as the Bible
> advises them to do?

They had not the right to kill their sons or daughters themselves, just 
to bring them in front of a Sanhedrin to be judged. And the Sanhedrin 
would give out some less serious penalty or nothing at all.

> Of course they don't! Instead Christians use their
> own moral compass (that has nothing to do with religion) and cherry pick
> that vastly overrated book. Christians and talk about some nice
> quotations that are in the Bible and just ignore the many that are
> stupid, psychopathic or just plain evil. Modern Christians may say that
> they believe every work in the Bible but they most certainly do not
> behave as if they did. Unfortunately most Muslims DO behave as if they
> believed every word in the Quran.

They believe every word and cherry pick what is most convenient to them 
at the time.


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