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>>…  So I would propose that all government bureaucrats’ email communications, twitter tweets, instant messaging, e-chat, radio, telephone, handwritten notes, smoke signals and subtle facial gestures, all of it be made public domain.

>…The light would shine like a laser, and it would result in the most transparent administration in history.

>…People ripping off the IRS is a problem.  The IRS ripping off people is a bigger problem.  Openness is the solution…spike​


​>…Yea!  and Hear Hear!  But, and it's a big but - people will lie, cheat, steal, murder, in order for other people to think of them what they want them to think…And if no one had any secrets, what would happen to the main habits, the universal sideline, the obsession of us all:  gossip?  How much money is made from it?  Mega billions…We are born and bred liars, every one of us…bill w

Of course.  What I meant was to make communications within government sufficiently transparent to burn out the corruption.  Consider what has happened just today, where the Washington DC-based 4th circuit federal appeals court made the comment regarding the case King vs Burwell:

“Confronted with the Act’s ambiguity, the IRS crafted a rule ensuring the credits’ broad availability and furthering the goals of the law. In the face of this permissible construction, we must defer to the IRS Rule.”

Ok, now what has happened here?  Another court today delivered the opposing opinion, that even if the intent was for the federal government to subsidize all Americans, the language of the law clearly specifies that only those states which set up healthcare exchanges were eligible for federal subsidy.  This was intended to compel states to set up their own exchanges.  Most states chose to not do that.  So now the 4th circuit appeals court has explicitly stated what many of us have come to fear: our nation is being ruled by a bureaucracy that does not answer to the voters, a bureaucracy which loses email conveniently then lies about it, a bureaucracy with unaccountable and unlimited power utterly without constitutional checks and balances, a bureaucracy which recently had a director who has been found in contempt of congress, who has lied under oath and who has invoked her fifth amendment rights.

A federal level appeals court has said we must defer to the IRS Rule.  The IRS is allowed privacy; you and I are not.  If this is allowed to stand, congress is irrelevant: we are being ruled by whim of the IRS.  Goodbye constitution, goodbye freedom.  

Americans, we fought a terrible war to end slavery, only to be enslaved by our own government.






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