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As the article notes. 3 wheels leads to complications.

>…Is it a motorcycle? Do occupants need to wear helmets? Motorcycle
insurance is cheaper than car insurance, so???? If it is a motorcycle,
can it use the car-pool lanes?  At least according to California state law, a three-wheeled motorized vehicle counts as a motorcycle for all purposes, including the need to wear a helmet.  Not sure about other states, but California has a way of setting trends in the law.


This question of helmet use is a deal maker or breaker right there.  In California, we have helmet laws but if the state legislature decides that the plastic enclosure and the steering-wheel airbag counts and sufficient passenger protection, they could give a papal dispensation to allow no-helmet use.  I’m not exaggerating at all: that one requirement could mean a factor of 5 in sales.




We have hybrid cases now.  You can rent a 3-wheeled GoCar in San Francisco, which is an open side-by side three wheeler, one aft two front.  Those require a helmet but not a motorcycle license.  That too is an oddity: if the state requires a motorcycle license to operate, a prole has to operate a motorcycle in order to get that license.  But if one has a three-wheeler, she can claim to not know how to operate a motorcycle.  But that skill wouldn’t be needed to operate an enclosed 3-wheeler which handles more like a small car than a bike.


That carpool lane is another big question.  If one is in that lane going the same speed as the other traffic, one runs the risk of getting shot.



Will Spike get excited???  :)


>…California state law has...nothing to say about that, apparently.  ;)


The California legislature seems to be open-minded when it comes to accommodating the car culture.  They know we have a huuuuge army of car and motorcycle enthusiasts in this state; we vote early and often.  They are smart enough to recognize that helmet use is a make or break for this whole deal, and I can see why Sacramento would want these things: smaller footprint on heavily-burdened roadways and parking lots, less weight means less wear on all that expensive pavement.



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