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Sun Mar 2 21:22:47 UTC 2014


Oh man, if this doesn't meet the strictest definition of wicked cool, I just
haven't yet seen it:



.The song is called "Sad Robot Goes Funny."

rates-in-new-video-music-of-the-future-223325301.html> Squarepusher says the
piece's two halves mirror the robots' grief that their fans view them as
mere "entertainment machines." Then, left alone at the end of the day, "They
think back to being young robots, before they were employed in the sphere of
public entertainment, and remember the silly antics they used to get up to."




We tend to think it takes a human touch to make emotionally charged music,
but Squarepusher wants to play with and maybe even disprove that assumption.
And there's no doubt, "Sad Robot Goes Funny" is interesting and even
enjoyable. The piece morphs from something like chamber music into Miles
Davis and Steve Vai's android love child.





Oooh so cool.  It sure as hell sounds to me like this piece is being played
with feeling, and it is CLEAN!  I can easily imagine playing it on the CD
player in Mister Lincoln.



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