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V. Putin was the top KGB agent in St. Petersburg in 1999. He also was the person American businessmen in that town went to see to get things accomplished, especially those things which were good for the Americans but bad for the Russians. He was man who could read the wind and in which way it was blowing.   When he went from this post to Head of Russia when appointed by Boris Yelstin, his first step was to travel  to Texas, and begin a dialogue with  G. Bush concerning the aid he would need to get Russia off his knees.  Most Russian's on the street spoke of him being a American in russian clothes.  The bars, Google "hungry duck" and the people on the streets of Moscow knew it too. But what were they to do the ruble was worthless and the America dollar was king.   They knew that Putin was the amercian candidate, and they in too could read the wind.. Not one VOTE was cast to elect him, not one.  With this history, and the knowledge that russian oil is shipped by tanker to Canada, refined into jet fuel, and shipped to every major airport on the east coast, I suggest that what you hear from every major  news outlet is MISINFORMATION.   If you think it is not I suggest you buy jet fuel futures as when that oil stops flowing, the cost of gas will hit 5 dollars a gallon and the cost of a flight will double.
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