[ExI] how heavy are double-slit apparatuses?

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>…I don't mean the weight of the single electrons themselves, if this changed we would have heard about it a long time ago. But, if the weight of the macroscopic apparatus changes only by the weight of interfering entities, a very minute value, then perhaps it's something that has not been measured yet…


Rafal the double slit experiment works with photons as well as electrons.  Understatement, it works better with photons.  These wouldn’t care about subtle changes in mass.  With the electron version of the experiment, we would be much more interested in the net charge of the experimental setup, and even suggests  a variation on a theme: what happens in an electron double slit experiment if we intentionally put a net charge on the apparatus?  Cool!  This is excellent science fair stuff here.  Everything needed to do that is within the price range I think, with the possible exception of the detector.


Does this explain the mystery of dark matter?


Well now.  Dark matter is here and dark matter does stuff we don’t understand, and we don’t understand why the double slit experiment does what it does, or rather our best explanations sound so crazy that your dark matter suggestion, even without any specifics, is no worse than the Copenhagen.


Does it throw light at dark energy?


It’s here and we don’t understand it.  The double slit experiment is here and we don’t understand that one either.  It does make one suspicious.


What is the meaning of everything?


If we really understood that double slit result, we would know the meaning of everything.


And why "42"? Rafal


Why not 42?  That one is as good as any other number.  I don’t buy it however.  I think it is either e or phi.  Both of those are more interesting to me than 42.










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