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>… - there was a fair bit of debate in Germany a while back about differentiating between smokers and nonsmokers and obese and non-obese in healthcare costing. But her view was that thanks to life monitoring gadgets and ongoing monitoring one could make premiums dynamic, just like for cars - drive your body safely and premiums go down, take risks with it, and they go up. Anders Sandberg…


I don’t see why it isn’t already that way.  We know that if a person smokes, that one factor swamps everything else in running up healthcare costs.  If we have government dictating price structures on healthcare, a company could hire a doctor that deals with smokers in a way that doesn’t even require the patient to undress: they would be handed a card with two words on it: stop smoking.  That doctor could “see” a thousand patients in a day, and the cost would then be down in the range mandated by law.  Healthcare costs for those would be practically negligible.


The ironic part is that this advice is more effective than anything the doctor can do, making it perfectly compatible with what I think doctors are supposed to do for us.



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