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>… James Clement
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>>…I heard on the radio today that the US government wants to regulate ISPs …


Check out http://www.theopeninter.net/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L11kLmWha6o#t=42


>…The idea is that big IPS (ATT, Comcast, etc.) would create "preferred" providers and would push those sites to you much faster than sites that didn't pay them for this privilege… It could cripple the ability of new websites/services to get new customers, since they couldn't afford to buy a spot on the ISP's "preferred list."


>…Hope this helps, James


It does, thanks James.  I read up on it and I come away with little doubt: any attempt at regulation is a bad thing.  It sets up too many risks for violation of free speech enforced by the IRS.  I don’t trust the party currently in power nor the one that is coming in January.


Free speech has its price.  It’s worth it.



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