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>…### The notion that net neutrality is a way of protecting liberty is an example of psy-ops… - consumers will be completely deprived of our current true source of power, the power of exit and the power of easily finding somebody else to take our money in exchange for giving us what we want. All control will belong to bureaucrats and those rich enough off to pay them off.  Rafal


Ja, I am with you Rafal.  We have a federal government who is now saying they intentionally lied to us to get the Affordable Care Act to pass, but it is OK really, for it could never have passed otherwise (we voters are too stupid to know what we need.)  Further attempts at clarification of those comments only made them worse.  See there, lack of transparency is an enormous political advantage.


If our own government lies to us about that, why should we assume they are not lying to us about this?


This bunch cannot be trusted with the power they have; we need to take away some of that power rather than handing them even more.


We definitely do not want them having any control over the flow of information; that would be a gateway drug into other forms of abuse of power, since they would be better able to control the flow of information exposing their corruption.



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