[ExI] The BullShirtStorm

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The BullShirtStorm
I can’t believe that. One of the most spectacular achievements of the century in space, and all the dummy jerks can do is whining about Matt Taylor’s shirt...


Regarding the shirt, I have a notion how Matt Taylor could defend himself.  To the argument that his shirt demeans women, he could argue that the figures depicted there are not necessarily women.  They could be transgender.  To claim otherwise is presumptuous and demeans transgendered people.  To the argument that the (presumed) women were scantily clad, he could argue that they were not necessarily scantily clad.  They would be defined as scantily clad if one is a fundamentalist Christian or a ISIS extremist, again presuming the figures are women, so which group are the whiners?  Fundie Christians or ISIS?  There is a class of people who feel the greatest expression of self is to bare all.  From that perspective, any cloth draped upon the body in any form is more clad than that which they declare freedom of expression.  One cannot become scantily clad by putting on clothing in any form.  Calling the (presumed) female figures scantily clad is disrespectful of nudists and promotes puritan notions of (presumed) female modesty.

Oh this whole notion of landing on a comet is sooooo cool.  It's a tragedy about landing in the shade, but we did get some data.


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