[ExI] hacked email

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Tue Nov 25 14:47:20 UTC 2014

Il 25/11/2014 14:43, spike ha scritto:
> Security hipsters, I need some advice or ideas.  We have a group of
> family history researchers, about a dozen of us who work together, share
> photos, family lore, findings from DNA and so forth.  Recently one of
> our circle went off her meds and did a lot of damage by hacking into
> another member’s email and writing messages to the other members with a
> false From line, all with carefully calculated malice.  It has us really
> freaked, because this cousin is very unpredictable and has a lot of
> brains and a lot of ill will, with more internet protocol savvy than the
> rest of us combined (she is a computer security expert.)

My opinion is you can not outsmart some security expert.

My suggestion is to use GPG or just sign the message with your bitcoin
secret key.

Another way, but it difficult to implement, is to have two Bitcoin known
addresses and send coins from one to the other and include the hash of
the text in the transaction. So you know it was not tampered with.

Another way is to pay one know address (know to all family members to be
owned by a particular family member) with a large sum and include the tx
of the transaction in the mail message.
If that family member own both the addresses, he is just sending money
to himself. The evil relative could send money to this address and, for
a while, trick the others, but it would cost him real money (say 1 BTC).

The only way to break these system is to get the device witht he wallet
(a smartphone) and be able to use it.
But if she does, she is also breaking a few laws and you can get rid of
her for a long time.


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