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>...Some further background:  since this is family history stuff, anyone who
has ever done this kind of thing probably already knows the biggest
Your most valuable players are nearly always little old ladies.  Our MVP is
91.  Little old ladies know things, and remember them long after we boys
have died...  spike

I could make a one-time pad on another computer, make seven columns, then
the sender looks up the time and goes over to the column for the day of the
week.  Send the one-time pad from the other computer and email account.
Then we wouldn't worry the little old ladies with the whole scheme but we
younger ones would use it, for the most likely spoof would be from one of
our accounts anyway.

Regarding family history, I do wish to leave you with this message,
especially the younger ones among us.  If you have the least bit of interest
in your family history, or if you think you might eeeeever ever develop an
interest in that, or your children might someday, I do implore you to find
your oldest living relatives and talk to them, even if it involves using
that ancient technology we used to call the telephone.  Plenty of the old
ones don't even have email or are uncomfortable with it, but they can still
talk and they can still remember.  In most cases they are eager to tell
their stories.  Record those, write them, do it.  Reason: many years ago,
when I was in my 20s, I found an elderly aunt who was then 90.  She was
still mentally sharp then (she lived to be 101, one of those very rare
people who lived in three different centuries.)  She gave me a pile of
stuff, childhood memories of my great great grandparents and so forth.  That
one-hour interview, which I recorded and transcribed, is some of the most
valuable family history stuff we have, firsthand accounts of life on the
family farm before mechanization of any kind, before WW1 (her childhood and
teens.)  Get that, get as much of it as you can, if you think you will ever
develop the slightest interest in it, because once they are gone, their
memories are gone forever, unless you do something forthwith.  So get on the
phone, call your grandmothers if you are lucky enough to still have them.


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