[ExI] Teaching Google cars to be more human

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 22:32:40 UTC 2014

In 700,000 miles of navigating roads, Google's self-driving cars have
encountered just about everything - including an elderly woman in a
motorized wheelchair flailing a broom at a duck she was chasing around
the street.

Apparently perplexed and taking no chances, the vehicle stopped and
refused to go farther.

Through extensive testing covering nearly every street in Mountain
View, the company's 20 or so autonomous vehicles have developed an
abiding sense of caution



One of the most surprising lessons: While hoping to make cars that are
safer than those driven by people, Google has discovered its smart
machines need to act a little human, especially when dealing with
pushy motorists.

"We found that we actually need to be - not aggressive - but
assertive" with the vehicles, said Nathaniel Fairfield, technical
leader of a team that writes software fixes for problems uncovered
during the driving tests. "If you're always yielding and conservative,
basically everybody will just stomp on you all day."

So AI has to fight back against human domination..........


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