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>…(Still, cool tech is cool. At my wedding party I met the head of Humanity+ Sweden who had an implanted bitcoin wallet chip. We discussed the possibilities for crypto-enhanced wedding rings - when the priest blesses the rings it is an ideal moment to generate and cross-sign private keys, with God as a witness to the transaction. )

Anders Sandberg…


Anders, you are evolution’s gift to technology.  May you live forever.  Best wishes with married life.  I has worked out well for me.  {8-]
Awww... :-)
A friend sent me this link for NFC rings: http://nfcring.com/bitcoin/  Now, my problem is that I already have two rings, so adding a third might be a bit excessive. But titanium... 
My wedding ring is tungsten, which is awesome anyway. But it would be even cooler with something really exotic like scandium. Or metallic hydrogen kept in shape by a diamond (just don't crack it). 

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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