[ExI] Input for article on "The Extropian Roots of Bitcoin"

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I am writing for a Bitcoin magazine and I want to write an article on "The
Extropian Roots of Bitcoin." Of course the evident connections are Hal
Finney and the fact that the original Bitcoin paper was first shared on
Perry Metzger cryptography mailing list.

I joined this list in 1997 or 98 and I remember some good crypto discussions
at that time, but I am sure there were even more discussions before. Who of
the old-timers (and others) wants to share memories, facts and opinions?


Cool, excellent Giulio, I am glad someone is doing this.  I was a lurker in
those days.  I read Hal's commentary and Perry's, but didn't feel competent
to add my comments.  There was plenty of really interesting chatter back in
the 1990s.


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