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Ever since I first read it, I've liked:

>…"I'm not a real Modo; I'm only a Quasimodo."

How about rescuing certain words from tight couplings to others? For instance, whenever someone says "travesty," it's almost always coupled with "of justice," …Dan 





Dan I have fun with this, being as I am a person filled with vim.  I am hoping to someday develop vigor to go with it, but until then I am one of the oddballs who have only vim, keeping sympathetic company with vigorous but vimless people.  


We have found kindred spirits among the Vestal harlots.  Sure the virgins get all the attention, but there are those forlorn followers of Vesta who enjoy copulation, and I see no good reasons why they should be neglected and lonely.  We join often in picnics and outings with a group who split off from the followers of the Roman goddess in theological protest.  These are the non-Vestal virgins.  We had one convert back, but she simultaneously took up harlotry, so she kept coming to our gatherings of non-Vestal virgins, the Vestal non-virgins, the vigorous vimless and vimmy non-vigorous.



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