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  If you ever discover any detectable property that produces redness, that
you didn't know had a redness quality, before, your previous theory will
have been falsified and you must then simply alter your sets of necessary
and sufficient detectable properties, to include the new property.

### So you say the quality of redness is possessed by any physical object
(whether glutamate or not glutamate) that produces the perception of

How is that not a circular argument?


> No, the prediction is that as long as you have not replaced the binding
> neuron, nothing you present to it, will ever say and know something has a
> redness quality, without real redness.  In other words, without real
> glutamate, you will not be able to throw the switch, between the simluated
> glutamate, and the real thing, and reproduce the behavior saying the
> simulated glutamate is the same as the real thing.

### Almost all neurons are binding neurons. The neurons that construct the
perception of redness are in the V4 area, and respond the same both to
physiological (reflectance) and certain non-physiological (monochromator)
stimuli. Redness does not exist as a property below the V4 area. Most
cortical neurons have glutamatergic synapses but only V4 neurons use
glutamatergic transmission to construct the quale of redness.

Glutamate is a transparent, easily crystallizable substance, and produces a
pleasant taste when applied to umami receptors in the mouth. It has no
"redness" quality.

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