[ExI] Transhumanist valentines

Anders Sandberg anders at aleph.se
Sat Feb 14 23:17:42 UTC 2015

Today, as is my habit, I sent my husband a nerdy valentines picture. There is certainly no shortage of nerdy cards:
http://www.demilked.com/nerdy-dirty-postcards-nicole-martinez/ (I used the planet one this year)

But are there any good *transhumanist* valentines day cards?

The closest I found was this,
("I love you enough to listen to you talk transhumanism") which might not be entirely h+ positive, and 
which are funnier but maybe a bit creepy. There is of course
which makes sense for comic fans who know about the epic relationship between Brain and Monsieur Mallah. 

But can we do better? 

"You are my singularity"
"I love you with all my brain"
"You are the best enhancer science knows"
"My love for you is growing faster than exponential"

Any others?

Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University
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