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Place your bets,  Spike. ;)



Thanks Mike, this is definitely cool.  This tech came along just in time.  Even for those of us who love cars and racing, even we get bored with the sport as is.  The cars have gotten faster over the years, and I don’t like seeing people crash.  But I would likely buy tickets to watch the first multi-car race at the local track, especially if we get that going on the local short ovals, dirt track with sprint cars and such as that.  

Even more fun will be robot motorcycle racing, considering that racing bikes only weigh about 300 pounds, so if we get rid of about 140 pounds of rider and about half of the aero drag, that bike will go like all hell.  I would pay money for tickets to see that.  This could revive the sport.

I want to see a motorcycle scooting down the track at 100 or better with nobody aboard doing this:



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